Period Pants Brand Spark Debate For Using ‘Person’ Instead Of ‘Woman’ In Advert

A period pant brand has been slammed for using the term ‘person’ instead of ‘woman’ when referring to someone who uses the product. 
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A period pants brand has sparked a debate after using the term ‘person’ instead of ‘woman’ in a recent advert.

It all started when somebody shared a post on Mumsnet stating that they’d been put off purchasing the products from Modibodi because of the phrase ‘menstruating person’. 

The post read: “Wtf Modibody, a menstruating person? 

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“About to buy these and now they can do one.”

Many other members of the page criticised the wording too, and argued that it’s ‘offensive’ and appears to ‘erase’ the idea of women. 

One person commented: “It’s great isn’t it. They want our money but daren’t speak our names. Takes the mick.”

Another added: “I wouldn’t mind ‘women and other people who menstruate’. That is inclusive language. 

“Completely ignoring their main demographic is a bit silly.”

However, others argued that those who are threatening to boycott the Australian brand are acting ‘transphobic’. 

“Some trans men and non-binary people have periods, it’s not difficult,” a member wrote. “No one is denying it’s mainly women who do menstruate. Inclusive language won’t hurt you.”

In agreement, a second said: “I think you are way overthinking this one. Why should they say women? But then girls menstruate too. What word would you use? Person is fine and you’re reading too much into it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Modibodi CEO, Kristy Chong, responded to the backlash with a statement.

It reads: “We refer to both women and girls with periods and ‘people who menstruate’ at Modibodi.

“We stand by our position to use ‘people who menstruate’ because we always strive to be as inclusive as possible in our communication language to avoid gender-biased expressions or expressions that reinforce gender stereotypes.

“We acknowledge language around gender identity is constantly evolving, and we’re open to learning, and value our community feedback about our language choices and how they make them feel.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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