Pet Groomer Accidentally Tells Customer Dog Is Dead

Credit: Unsplash

A pet groomer accidentally texted a customer to say that their dog was dead, according to a post shared on Reddit

In what has to be the worst auto-correct fail ever, the groomer messaged the client to say: “Hi Dexter is dead.”

But just one minute later, the employee realised their error and quickly reassured the dog’s owner that he was in fact alive and well.

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The pet groomer accidentally messaged a dog owner to say their pet had died. Credit: @spongebobf***boy/Reddit

They said: “Hi Dexter is ready now!! Sorry, stupid auto-correct.”

Understandably, the owner needed a little reassurance that this was actually the case, so the groomer sent over some photos of the pooch looking smart after his pampering session.

“He’s had a great time x,” they added.

Since being shared on the forum, thousands have taken to the comments to get in on the joke.

One Reddit user commented: “That 3-minute taxidermy job has to be some kind of record.”

Another added: “Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.”

“Dexter looks remarkably well considering the circumstances,” a third pitched in.

The woman was convinced her dog was dead. Credit: Unsplash

Speaking of accidents, a man mistakenly exposed his girlfriend’s secret half-sister when he got her a DNA test for Christmas.

On Reddit, he penned: “She looks up the half-sister and she does not recognise her but recognises a few people in her circle.

“She looks up her father and gets his name. Confused she calls up her mom and puts her on speaker in our room.

“‘Mom do I have a half-sister?’ Her mom replied, ‘Of course not, why would you have a half-sister honey?’.

“Before her mum stopped chuckling she replied, ‘Do you know a John Smith?’ The phone became dead silent.”

“So apparently her mom and dad had ‘taken a break’ for a weekend and she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend (John).

“Then got back with my girlfriend’s dad a couple of days later. When she found out she was pregnant and they dated a possible time frame for conception.

“She knew it was probably not her husband’s. She’s kept this secret for 30 years. She told my girlfriend to keep this secret.

“My girlfriend doesn’t know what to do now and I’m just sitting here shaking my head at the audacity of her mom.”

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