Pet Owner Claims Dog’s Everyday Movement Was ‘Sign Of Cancer’

Pet Owner Dog Cancer: A woman has claimed her dog's everyday moment was a 'sign of cancer'.
Credit: @sweetteatate/TikTok

A pet owner has claimed her dog’s everyday moment was a ‘sign of cancer’. 

The TikToker, who goes by the username @sweetteatate, shared a clip of her beloved pet stretching out beside her toddler, and it has now been viewed over 7.5million times.

She captioned the post: “Really wish I’d of caught this sooner.”

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Pet owner's dog.
The pet owner has shared a viral video of her dog that tragically had cancer. Credit: @sweetteatate/TikTok

Over in the video, the text read: “If your dog ever does this out of nowhere, please take them to the vet immediately.”

In the comments, users were divided in their response, with many saying their dog does it all the time and is ‘completely fine’.

One TikToker questioned: “How does this make any sense? My dog does this every day when he stretches.”

“My dog does this every morning when he gets up before he goes outside,” argued a second. “There’s nothing wrong with my baby.”

However, others backed up the pet owner and agreed that it is a warning sign, particularly if the dog doesn’t usually do it.

@sweetteatate Really wish I would have caught this sooner. #cancer ♬ Get You The Moon (feat. Snøw) – Kina

Clarifying the woman’s post, one wrote: “She’s saying that if your dog NEVER does this and just randomly starts, get them checked. That goes for anything. If your dog is acting differently, see your vet.”

Another added: “It’s when they hold this stretch for a long time like 10 seconds+ and having a blank stare. My Chi did this when she had a foreign body blockage.”

Pitching in, a third commented: “Hi, vet nurse here. If I get a call from an owner explaining this, it’s an emergency situation. Sad everyone is doubting you in the comments.”

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