Pet Owner Horrified After Realising Her Cat Was Stuck In Washing Machine For 12-Minute Cycle

A pet owner was left absolutely horrified when she realised that her cat had got stuck in the washing machine whilst it was set on a 12-minute cycle. Thankfully, the cat managed to survive but was left a little shaken up. 

Amanda Meredith, from Australia, was unfortunate enough to have to go through every pet owner’s worse nightmare when she realised her cat Oscar had gotten trapped inside the washing machine for a 12-minute cycle.

After her husband Angelo had put on a load to wash, Amanda was puzzled to hear that there was a peculiar noise that seemed to be coming from the washing machine. Upon a closer look of the machine, she was left shaken when she realised that her Burmese kitty had gotten trapped inside.

What was even more heartbreaking for the couple was that they couldn’t free poor Oscar until the cycle had stopped.

Credit: Amanda Meredith

Amanda told ABC News: “The poor little cat had his hands on the glass as he was doing the rotations and he was looking at me.

“It was tragic. Waiting the two minutes [for the washing machine’s door to release] was traumatic, to say the least.”

Once the cycle finished, the couple rushed the traumatised kitty to the vet but was told it was touch and go on whether or not he’d survive. For an agonising six hours, all the couple could do was sit and wait.

Eventually, the vet relieved the couple by saying that somehow, Oscar had pulled through.

The vet, Dr Capp said: “He’s a very lucky but strong little fellow.

“This is not the first time this has happened. During the cooler weather, it is the perfect place for feline friends to try and hide for a warm nap.”

Although Oscar has miraculously recovered, Amanda is concerned that he is suffering psychologically from the trauma.

She said: “He sits there and watches it tumble-turn all the time.

“Maybe he has PTSD or something – he has to sit at the door watching the wash cycle.”

Hopefully, Oscar isn’t too emotionally traumatised by the memory but remember cat owners – always check your washing machine before you switch it on!

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