Pet Sitter Shares Four Surprising Dog Breeds She’d Never Own

Credit: @sof_ttaco/TikTok & Julissa Helmuth/Pexels

A pet sitter and boarding kennel worker has taken to TikTok and shared a list of dog breeds that she’d personally never own.

A woman, from the US, has gone viral on social media after revealing that she ‘refuses’ to adopt certain breeds – with her list including some family favourites.

The TikToker, who goes by the username @sof_ttaco, captioned the post: “Four dogs I would never own and why.”

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Since the video has been shared on TikTok, thousands have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts – and not everyone agrees.

One comment reads: “You’re just trying to be different because these dogs are the best.”

A second user insists: “We currently own one of these breeds, and she’s actually very healthy and literally the best dog, she gets regular trims and baths. She’s great for real.”

“I really don’t understand this slander… my guy is 9 months – no health issues, anger or territorial. He’s very smart and loyal,” somebody else writes. 

A fourth person pens: “I have one of these AND I agree they need woods and things to hunt. I love her but she is a lot of work and if you don’t have time it’s not for you.”

The pet sitter has shared a list of dog breeds that she’d personally never own. Credit: @sof_ttaco/TikTok

1. Pugs

She starts off by listing the pug, which is a breed that is known for suffering numerous health issues – including eye problems, spinal issues and even skin problems.

“Half the time, most of these dogs can’t even breathe. It’s just awful. Why put them through that just because they’re cute,” the woman remarks.

2. Beagles

She then goes into detail about why she would never own a beagle – though this is not for ethical reasons.

The dog lover explains that this particular breed has an intense demand for both mental and physical stimulation.

Naturally, the beagle is a hunting dog – so they tend to have a lot of energy that needs to be released.

“I just personally would not be able to give this dog the life it deserves,” she adds.

3. Golden Retriever

She then says that she would also be against owning a golden retriever dog, insisting the popular breed has been so ‘overbred’ that they are ‘essentially dumpster fires’.

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4. Goldendoodle

The last breed on the pet sitter’s list is the Goldendoodle – she says ‘every single one of these I have ever met has issues’.

“If you know anything about dogs, you know this isn’t an actual breed,” she adds.

The Goldendoodle – also known as a groodle – is a designer dog that is created by crossbreeding a golden retriever and a poodle.

They can have health issues if bred by an unprofessional breeder.

The breed can often have severe separation anxiety and can also get aggressive if left alone for a long period of time.

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