Peter Kay Describes ‘First-Hand’ Experience Of ‘Complex’ Disease

Peter Kay
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Peter Kay, who is reportedly working on a new autobiography, has opened up about his ‘first-hand’ experience of a ‘complex’ disease. 

The comedian, who stepped out of the spotlight back in 2017, recently voiced his support for The Lily Foundation, which helps children who suffer from mitochondrial disease.

On Twitter, Kay said: “The Lily Foundation is an inspiring charity that helps to improve the lives of children with mitochondrial disease.

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Peter Kay
Peter Kay has described his ‘first-hand’ experience of a ‘complex’ disease. Credit: Alamy

“I’ve had first-hand experience of the foundation’s work and I’m proud to raise both awareness and much-needed funds to help with the inspiring work they provide to children and their families.”

The Bolton funnyman’s comment comes after he made a surprise appearance for the charity, where he screened an episode of his sitcom, Car Share.

After he raised £34,000, The Lily Foundation tweeted: “We can’t thank Peter and his team enough for this incredibly generous donation. For a small charity like ours, this is a very significant sum.

“It will make a real difference to the lives of children with mitochondrial disease by providing vital equipment and care that improves the quality of their lives.”

The foundation’s website defines the disease as: “The term given to a group of medical disorders caused by mutations in mitochondria, the tiny organelles that are present in nearly every cell in our bodies and which generate about 90% of the energy we need to live.

“Cells cannot function properly without healthy mitochondria, so when they fail the consequences can be serious and wide-ranging.”

It goes on to list symptoms, including: “Seizures, fatigue, vision and hearing loss, cognitive disabilities, respiratory problems or poor growth.”

As well as this, the site states: “Any of the body’s organs and systems can be affected including the brain, heart, lungs, gut, liver and skin.”

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