Peter Kay’s Car Share Special Receives Almost 200 Complaints

Peter Kay’s Car Share audio special that was revived to “cheer up” the nation during lockdown has received almost 200 complaints after the comedian made a joke about breastfeeding. 

Earlier this month, the comedian announced that he would be reviving his Bafta-winning sitcom for a one-off audio special in a bid to “cheer up” the nation during the coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the nice gesture, a total of 175 people have now got in contact with BBC’s executive complaints unit (ECU) about a joke in the episode which was about breastfeeding.

The joke was brought up when the two main characters, John and Kayleigh, were having a chat about children’s soft play areas, the latter then made a comment that she had once seen a woman breastfeeding a three-year-old in public.

Peter’s character questioned: “How did you know he was three?”

Sian Gibson responded: “He had balloons.”

John then remarked: “Is that you call them? Breastfeeding at three?”

Kayleigh then began to insist: “Swear down. Hanging off the tit with his teeth in Timbaland’s.”

John then suggested that there was a “time and place” for breastfeeding.

Kayleigh concluded: “They say breast is best. But you have got to draw the line somewhere.”

Digital Spy reported that many felt that the segment was shaming those who chose to breastfeed their children in public, as well as parents who had chosen to practise extended breastfeeding.

In 2018, Peter Kay’s Car Share was concluded with two special episodes, one of which was apparently almost completely improvised.

In general, the finale was well-received, although there were some who found an issue with one joke in particular, as it was deemed transphobic.

Later this month, Peter Kay will be starring in BBC One’s The Big Night In alongside other celebrities in a bid to raise money during the coronavirus pandemic.

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