Phillip Schofield Posts Photo Of Bandaged Eye After Procedure For ‘Debilitating’ Condition

Phillip Schofield.
Credit: @schofe/Instagram

Phillip Schofield has posted a photo after having eye surgery for a ‘debilitating’ condition.

The This Morning TV presenter has taken to Instagram and revealed that he’s finally free of floaters after having them ‘sucked out’ of his right eye.

On his story, he shared a snap of himself in a hospital gown alongside the caption: “Now my right eye is done!

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“Thank you, Prof Stanga and his amazing team. If the success of my summer is to be ‘floater’ free, that’s good enough for me,” alongside two smiley emojis.

In another post, the 60-year-old told his fans that he’s glued to the comedy series Only Murders in the Building, adding that he’s watching it ‘with one eye’.

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Last year, Schofield told his This Morning co-star, Holly Willoughby, that the issue ‘drives him crazy’.

“My vision is like a filthy bathroom window drifting across my eyes, and it drives me crazy,” he remarked at the time.

Following surgery on his first eye, he took to Instagram and wrote about the ‘pioneering and costly’ procedure.

He penned: “I had Elective limited pars plana vitrectomy surgery. It didn’t hurt!

Phillip Schofield after eye surgery.
Phillip Schofield has just had eye surgery. Credit: @schofe/Instagram

“If you have been told ‘just live with them’ that is not necessarily true, I’m sure there are exceptions, but they can be fixed. A full vitrectomy will usually cause a cataract quite soon after, a limited vitrectomy won’t.”

He continued: “These floaters have literally blighted my otherwise brilliant eyesight.

“For the first time in many years, right now, I’m looking at a clear blue sky, it is mood/mind and life-changing for me. People who don’t have terrible floaters won’t understand what they do to your head and until now they really haven’t been taken seriously.”

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According to the NHS website, if you are seeing floaters and flashes e.g. ‘small dark dots, squiggly lines, rings or cobwebs’ or ‘flashes of light’, this is common.

However, it’s advised to visit an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and have further tests.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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