Photographer Captures Adorable Seal Pup That Appears To Be Waving At The Camera

A photographer was able to capture the most adorable moment when a seal pup appeared to be waving at the camera as it lay sat upon the beach. How irresistibly cute is that?

Sean Weekly and his group of photographer friends realised it was their lucky day as they stumbled upon a seal pup that was relaxing in the winter sun at Horsey Beach in Norfolk in early December last year.

Sean was visiting the beach to do a bit of seal spotting and as an avid wildlife photographer, he wasn’t disappointed as he managed to capture a few stunning shots of the animals making the most of the sunny weather.

The seal pup that the group of friends happened to stumble across was a freshly weaned pup which meant it was shedding its lanugo (white fur) and preparing for its adult grey coat which would make it feel much warmer thanks to it being thicker than pup fur.

Often, the pup can become irritated by this moulting process and through irritation, try to scratch and wiggle off the old coat.

Despite it being irritating, the seal pup’s behaviour meant that the photographer managed to capture some beautiful images as it appeared to be waving at the photographers.

Credit: @seanweeklywildlife

Typically, common seals appear onto the land between November and January in order to give birth, which means it’s a great opportunity for those curious to have a glance at this majestic animal. However, you can’t always be guaranteed to be so lucky to stumble across such a photogenic seal pup as this one!

Sean posted the photo to his popular Instagram page (@seanweeklywildlife), which features other striking images of animals captured in their natural habitats.


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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.