Piers Morgan Backs Adele And Says ‘Woke Imbeciles’ Are ‘Terrorising Women’

Piers Morgan has backed Adele, after previously criticising her, and has claimed 'woke imbeciles' are 'terrorising women,' following criticism of the star's BRITs gender-neutral speech.   
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Piers Morgan has backed Adele, after previously criticising her, and has claimed ‘woke imbeciles’ are ‘terrorising women,’ following an outroar over the star’s BRITs gender-neutral speech.   

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer has been branded as ‘anti-trans’ and a ‘TERF’ [Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist] after saying she’s ‘proud to be a woman’ when accepting her Artist of the Year award. 

Over on Twitter, Morgan sarcastically commented: “Absolutely shameful. How dare @Adele have the brass-neck audacity to ignore gender-neutral b******t and take pride in being female?

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“She’s clearly an evil TERF who must be cancelled immediately.” 

Taking to Instagram, he added: “For f*** sake. When people ask me, ‘What’s your new show going to be about?’, the answer is that, among other things, it’s going to be about me cancelling the woke imbeciles who think it’s okay to bully and terrorise women into denying their own existence.” 

The backlash against Adele, who was also called out for her BRITs performance, all started when she said she ‘understands’ why the award has gone gender-neutral.

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Piers Morgan has backed Adele, following criticism of the star’s BRITs gender-neutral speech. Credit: ITV

During the speech, she stated: “I really wasn’t expecting this one at all. I want to say a massive congratulations to Little Sims. Dave, Ed, Sam, I’m so proud to be in your company.

“I love being an artist. I can’t believe it’s my job. England, the UK, we have so many incredible young artists coming up.

“I understand why this has changed, but I really love being a woman and a female artist. I’m really proud of us.”

One activist responded by saying: “Please no, Adele can’t be a TERF. That last comment, though ambiguous, could be perceived as TERF-y. Please no.”

However, others jumped to the singer’s defence, writing: “Calling Adele a TERF for saying she is proud to be a woman in music is absolutely ridiculous and shows just how this country loves cancelling people at the top of their game.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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