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Piers Morgan Slams ‘Friends’ As ‘Overrated And Unfunny’

Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram & HBO

Piers Morgan, who dramatically quit Good Morning Britain earlier this year, has lashed out at the TV series Friends, branding it ‘overrated and unfunny’ following the show’s reunion special

The outspoken TV presenter decided to tweet about the sitcom after his son, Spencer, wrote on Twitter: “Reminder that no one thinks you’re too clever to like Friends. Have a day off.”

In response, the 56-year-old said: “Friends isn’t funny. Never has been, never will be. Most overrated show in TV history.”

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Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan says Friends is ‘unfunny’ and ‘overrated’. Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram

However, Morgan didn’t stop there and decided to take his slamming of the show over to Instagram

To his followers, he fumed: “Am I the only person in the world who couldn’t care less about this?”

“You need to have a sense of humour to enjoy it,” his son cheekily responded. 

Agreeing with Morgan’s son, many of the journalist’s followers dubbed him ‘so very wrong’ and ‘blasphemous’ for criticising the iconic show. 

One wrote: “You can have an opinion, but it’s the wrong one.”

Another added: “Pushed it too far this time.”

“Could you BE any wronger?” a third joked. 

However, some fans agreed with him and said that they didn’t think it was hilarious either. 

One follower responded: “I’m not a fan of Friends but come on man, how can it be overrated? It must be one of the most successful shows in history.”

The reunion, which is now available to watch on HBO, aired earlier this week. 

Although most fans enjoyed it, some have claimed James Corden ‘ruined’ it for them.

One Twitter user remarked: “Could you imagine watching all those seasons of Friends and thinking ‘what this really needs is James Corden’.”

Pitching in, a second said: “I’m a little miffed at James Corden being the guy to do the Friends reunion. I like him but… it’s such a weird choice to me.”

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