Piers Morgans Dubs Kim Kardashian ‘Repulsively Tone Deaf’ Over Prisoner Comments

Piers Morgan Kim Kardashian Prisoner Comment: The journalist has branded the reality TV star 'repulsively tone deaf'.
Credit: Alamy & @kimkardashian/Instagram

Piers Morgan has dubbed Kim Kardashian, who is training to be a lawyer, ‘repulsively tone deaf’ over her recent execution comments. 

The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter took to Twitter on April 6 and made the comment when responding to an Instagram live clip of the reality TV star discussing a criminal’s execution.

In the video, the mum-of-four was chatting about the Brandon Bernard case when she managed to slip in a promotion for her brand, SKIMS.

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Kardashian said: “I was working on the Brandon Bernard case and he was in fact executed.

“I remember crying and feeling so helpless because it was his last phone call and he was telling me, ‘Don’t cry, it’s gonna be okay’.

“Hearing that he was worried that he’d be claustrophobic in the chair and then on his last call when he was in the execution room he said, ‘Please tell Kim I’m not claustrophobic – it’s okay’.”

She then added: “I’m like if only someone could see my day. I’m hysterically crying calling every governor that I could possibly imagine to try to stop someone’s execution.

“And then I have to run into a SKIMS fitting and I’m fitting and I’m crying and I can’t really get my work done.

“It was just such a whirlwind of a day.”

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Kim Kardashian
Piers Morgan has blasted Kim Kardashian over her execution comments. Credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The video was shared by a person who wrote: “Only Kim Kardashian could make a criminal’s execution all about herself – and she even worked in a SKIMS promo.”

Sharing the post, Morgan simply commented: “Repulsively tone deaf.”

Many people took to the comments of the journalist’s retweet and said they had to agree with him.

One follower said: “Boohoo, Kim. I’m so sorry that bad man in process of being EXECUTED ruined your day…”

Joking, another added: “Ruining Kim’s day and SKIMS fitting should be a crime punishable by execution.”

“We may have to have a moment of silence for interruption of her day rather than the man who died,” a third tweeted.

However, others defended Kardashian, with one saying: “At least she was fighting to save a man’s life.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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