Piers Morgan Slams Matt Hancock For Having ‘Affair’ As He Was ‘Ordering British People Not To Hug’

Piers Morgan has slammed Matt Hancock for having an ‘affair’ at the same time he was ‘ordering British people not to hug’.
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Piers Morgan has slammed Matt Hancock for having an ‘affair’ at the same time he was ‘ordering British people not to hug’.

The journalist, who quit his job at Good Morning Britain earlier this year over controversial comments, shared the cover of The Sun’s newspaper on Twitter which appears to show the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care kissing his advisor Gina Coladangelo.

He captioned his post: “At the time he was ordering the British people not to hug anyone from other households…”

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There are now calls for the politician, who has been married for 15 years, to resign.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Matt Hancock must go. His position is completely untenable. He’s a hypocrite who was making rules for the rest of us, not following them himself but was also getting his leg over in the process. It makes a mockery of the British public.”

Another added: “If Matt Hancock doesn’t resign after this the government better not expect a single soul to follow COVID guidelines because clearly, they’re optional.”

Others have pointed out how vocal Hancock was about Professor Neil Ferguson’s sex scandal last year.

In May 2020, he claimed to have been left ‘speechless’ by Prof Ferguson’s ‘extraordinary’ behaviour when it emerged he broke lockdown rules by arranging visits from his lover.

One person wrote: “Hahahaha. Matt Hancock back in September 2020 was ‘speechless’ about Neil Ferguson’s breaches of Lockdown to see his lover. He even backed prosecution.”

Another added: “Matt Hancock is a classic ‘do as I say, not as I do’ corrupt politician. He gave his university friend Gina Coladangelo a job. Then he has an affair with her. All the while telling others to stick to established relationships. Cronyism and hypocrisy.”

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