Piers Morgan Blasted For Already Attacking Meghan Markle Over Queen’s Funeral

Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle.
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Piers Morgan has been slammed for already attacking Meghan Markle over her appearance at the Queen’s funeral

The former Good Morning Britain presenter joined Fox News to cover the ceremony when he made a swipe at Prince Harry’s wife.

Morgan said, via The Mirror: “We’ve all been following this soap opera drama… the bottom line is that it’s hard to ignore them when you have this renegade royal family… trying to have their royal cake and eat it.

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“But there have been some moments this week where you could have some sympathy with Prince Harry over his treatment [as] opposed to his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew.”

Addressing Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, he continued: “I hope something wakes up inside of him… I hope he pops the book.”

Referencing the Duchess of Sussex, Morgan added: “She’s probably a lost cause in this because she just wants to be rich and famous.”

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One of the TV presenter’s co-hosts then joked that Prince Harry had delayed his book in order to add more chapters, to which Morgan remarked: “That’s the worry.”

Elsewhere in the coverage, Sharon Osbourne shared her take on Prince Harry and Markle at the funeral.

Referring to the Duke of Sussex, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife said, via Fox News: “I just don’t know how you give up your country for celebrity, and he said he wanted an ordinary life, but… he’s become a celebrity and… mixes with all the big celebrities.

“And it’s just such a different life. And I don’t really understand it. And everything they do is talk about the royal family… Well, if you wanted to leave, why do you still keep talking about the royal family? And just respectfully and I don’t understand it. I really don’t.”

Piers Morgan covering the Queen's funeral.
Piers Morgan criticised Meghan Markle when covering the Queen’s funeral on Fox News. Credit: Fox News via YouTube

People have taken to Twitter since hearing Morgan and Osbourne’s comments about the Duke and Duchess and blasted the pair.

“Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne were actually reporting live during the funeral and attacking Meghan Markle,” one tweeted. “It’s a sickness.”

Another added: “Just seen some of the #FoxNews coverage of the Queen’s funeral with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborne… Jeez, give it a rest, talk about a dog with a bone. You sound obsessed with Meghan Markle. Yesterday was about a nation saying goodbye and thank you to their Queen. Have some respect!”

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A third commented: “When today should’ve been about Queen Elizabeth II, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan use today to trash Meghan Markle; absolute scum these two are.

“Grifters gotta grift though, even during a funeral. Vile bullies. No wonder they left this country for some peace.”

Someone else wrote: “What a vicious tongue @piersmorgan has. What right does he think he has to criticise people?”

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