Piers Morgan Baffles Fans With Tribute To Pamela Anderson

Credit: Today Via YouTube & @piersmorgan/Instagram

Piers Morgan, who recently claimed Meghan Markle ‘had a crush on him,’ has left fans baffled with a bizarre tribute to Pamela Anderson.

The TV presenter took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself being kissed on the cheek by the former Playboy model after news broke that she is set to divorce Dan Hayhurst. 

He captioned it: “Sorry to hear Pamela Anderson’s fifth marriage is already over after just a year. 

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“Hope it’s not because she keeps comparing all her husbands to this handsome stud.” 

Reacting to the photo, one shocked follower commented: “I thought she died for a second!”

Another said: “Who cares? More important things happening in the world. Piers, please don’t grasp at straws.”

“Is it any wonder people can’t see the planet going to bits?” asked a third. “These are the clowns on television influencing you.”

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Others took the opportunity to poke fun at Morgan, with one saying: “Who is he? I’ve never seen the man she [was] kissing before…must have disappeared off the scene.”

A second mused: “Very doubtful Mr Morgan, but a very strange world, so who knows.” 

Another user wrote: “How can someone get married five times and then divorced five times? Just stay single already.”

According to Page Six, Anderson divorced Hayhurst because he was ‘unkind,’ ‘unsupportive’ and a ‘d*** to her’. 

A source reportedly said: “After you spent two years living every second with someone, you get to know them better – and for worse.

“They got to know each other better, and in doing so, Pamela realised Dan is in fact not ‘The One’.

“Things are not amicable at all between them at the moment, because she decided they had nothing in common, he didn’t treat her in the way she felt she wanted to be treated.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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