Piers Morgan Says He’s Going On A ‘Hugging Ban’ Even When Lockdown Eases

Piers Morgan is on a 'hugging ban'.
Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram

Piers Morgan, who has recently quit Good Morning Britain, says he’s going on a ‘hugging ban’ even when the lockdown measures ease. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently confirmed in a press conference that people will be able to hug again from next Monday. 

But Morgan has taken to Twitter to say: “Some personal news: My own hugging ban will continue indefinitely past May 17.”

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Agreeing with the 56-year-old, one person responded: “I will remain unsociable for the duration. I will continue to wear my masks in shops too. Even if it’s for my own peace of mind. I haven’t been an avid fan or have any faith in the government’s guidance to date.”

Pitching in, a second said: “I don’t like hugs and I hope all the huggers I know continue to keep their distance.”

“I don’t get all this elbow touching. Is there really a need? What’s wrong with some personal space?” another asked. 

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Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan says he’s going on a ‘hugging ban’ even when coronavirus restrictions end. Credit: @piersmorgan/Twitter

It appears as though Morgan has been enjoying his lack of social interaction recently. 

A few days ago, the Life Stories host announced that he’d be taking a break from Twitter as he was fed up with the amount of ‘unhinged’ users he’s been coming across. Instead, he wanted to focus on the ‘real world’.

“When, as I’ve been doing these past few weeks, you spend a lot less time on Twitter, and a lot more time out and about in the real world, you realise just how many god-awful & unhinged people are on this platform,” he remarked. “I intend to spend even less time in their putrid company.”

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