Piers Morgan Slams Adele’s Singing After He Wasn’t Invited To Her TV Special

Piers Morgan has slammed Adele's singing after he was left off the invite list for her ITV special, An Audience With Adele. 
Credit: ITV & @piersmorgan/Instagram

Piers Morgan has slammed Adele’s singing after he was left off the invite list for her ITV special, An Audience With Adele

The ex-Good Morning Britain host took to Twitter, citing two questions he would have asked her if he was there. 

He wrote: “If I was at this An Audience With Adele, I’d ask her two questions: Does the unctuous sycophancy from your celebrity fans make you want to vomit? 

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“How come you’re singing more perfectly ‘live’ than on your records? * This probably explains why I wasn’t invited.”

Users of the platform were quick to accuse the journalist of being ‘bitter’ that he failed to secure an invite.

When one said he wasn’t asked to attend because ‘he’s a nobody,’ he responded: “Given I have 7.9 million more followers than you, I’d steer clear of playing the ‘nobody’ card.”

Another person fumed: “You wasn’t invited because your a f***ing clown – it was a smart dressed event, your outfit wouldn’t have been welcomed!”

To which, he responded: “It’s ‘weren’t’ and ‘you’re’. Good luck with your journalism career.” 

Other fans of the singer took to the social media site to call out Morgan’s ‘negativity’. One wrote: “Why do you always have to have negative input on absolutely everything?

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“It’s brilliant light entertainment, Emma Thompson lighting everyone’s night having the time of her life and then you have to come along with your negativity. Why?”

“Another go at a successful woman is it? At least you’re consistent,” said another. 

A third chimed in: “Why can’t you just celebrate and enjoy such a wonderful British success story? What is wrong with you?”

After engaging in the debate, Morgan concluded in another tweet: “Adele is the best singer in the world right now and right up there with Barbara and Whitney as [the] possessor of the best set of pipes in pop history. Just a shame she’s a Spurs fan.” 

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