Piers Morgan Says Tony Blair Should Take Over Boris Johnson As Prime Minister

Credit: ITV & @piersmorgan/Instagram

Piers Morgan, who has previously said he’s going on a ‘hugging ban,’ tweeted that former prime minister Tony Blair should take over Boris Johnson. 

The TV presenter, who quit Good Morning Britain over his controversial comments, penned: “Can we put Tony Blair in charge of the Government’s pandemic response?

“Whatever you think of him, he’s consistently had a better grasp of the issues and how best to tackle them than Boris Johnson or any of the Cabinet.”

Watch the moment Piers Morgan stormed off the GMB set below… 

But not everyone is in agreement with the 56-year-old, as many took to social media and shared their thoughts.

One follower remarked: “Funny how you badger the government over the handling of Covid. But was more than happy to sit in Wembley with thousands of others with no social distancing or masks on.”

Another added: “Yes, it’s easy coming up with ideas when you’re not actually in office. No, come back when it all goes wrong!”

“Did you forget his handling of Iraq?” a third asked.

Morgan’s tweet comes on the morning of ‘Freedom Day’ (July 19), as the UK lowers its lockdown restrictions despite the concerns of other nations and scientists.

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Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan has compared Covid deaths to Nazi killings. Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram

Previously, the journalist has come under fire for comparing Covid deaths to Nazi killings.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “Can you imagine Twitter halfway through WW2?

“’I’m f**king done with Hitler and the Nazis impinging on my liberty, so let’s stop f**king fighting them right now and pretend they’re not there anymore.

“I want my f**king freedom back!’”

A few moments later, he added: “Covid’s killed far more civilians in the UK than WW2, and caused far greater loss of liberty.”

He then urged the Prime Minister to ‘follow the data not the dates’.

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