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Piers Morgan Slams ‘Woke’ Brigade For ‘Ruining’ James Bond

Piers Morgan has hit out at the 'woke' brigade for trying to 'ruin' the James Bond franchise. 
Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram & EON Productions via YouTube

Piers Morgan has hit out at the ‘woke’ brigade for trying to ‘ruin’ the James Bond franchise. 

In his latest column for the Daily Mail, the TV presenter took a swipe at Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, who said he wanted the next 007 agent to be a woman.

He said: “Sir Keir Starmer didn’t get the common-sense memo and has now ignited a totally unnecessary new firestorm of speculation over whether Bond should be female.

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“What’s laughably ironic about this is that he himself seems woefully unable to define what a woman even is.”

Morgan went on to detail why he is such a fan of the franchise.

He said: “To me, 007 epitomises everything a man should strive to be: he’s handsome, intelligent, courageous, tough, eloquent, witty, suave, sophisticated, determined, and ruthless when he needs to be.

“Little wonder that for decades, most (real) men have yearned to be like Bond, and most (real) women have yearned to bed him.”

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Twitter users couldn’t resist poking fun at the ex-Good Morning Britain host for getting so worked up over a fictional character.

One person tweeted: “I remember when I was about four years old, I saw a rerun of The Muppet Show starring Roger Moore and my mother had to explain the difference between him (the actor) and James Bond (the character).

“I hope one day someone is able to help you understand this crucial distinction.”

Another added: “I am terribly sorry to tell you this Piers, but this is not actually James Bond. This is a man who puts on a costume and pretends to be James Bond for money.”

“I think this is an excellent idea. All those in favour of Piers Morgan to be Wonder Woman in the next movie say aye,” a third jokingly quipped.

The comments come not long after Daniel Craig himself also admitted he doesn’t think the next Bond should be played by a female.

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