Piers Morgan Slams ‘Woke’ Brigade For Being Outraged At Snow White’s ‘Non-Consensual’ Kiss

Piers Morgan calls out Snow White campaign.
Credit: @piersmorgan/Instagram & Disney Parks/YouTube

Piers Morgan has slammed the ‘woke’ brigade for being outraged at Snow White’s ‘non-consensual’ kiss with Prince Charming.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter, who quit the show over comments he made about Meghan Markle, says he ‘does not consent’ to people ‘cancelling him as a predator’. 

On Twitter, he penned: “For the love of God… Can the woke brigade please just shut the f*** up? You’re pathetic and exhausting, and nobody in the real world agrees with you. Thanks.”

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He continued his rant in his Daily Mail column, writing: “Extreme illiberal liberals have sparked a furore which even by their standards is so absurd, so pathetic, so indescribably dumb that I can barely believe it’s real.

“But it IS real, which is ironic because it’s about something that isn’t,” he fumed. 

He added: “I stand with the chivalrous Prince and won’t let the wokies kill Snow White.”

Piers Morgan's Twitter
Piers Morgan has slammed the ‘woke campaign’ against Snow White’s ‘non-consensual’ kiss with Prince Charming. Credit: @piersmorgan/Twitter

The kiss sparked a debate on GMB on Wednesday morning.

Dating expert Nichi Hodgson said ‘Disney has a moral duty’ to be an ‘ethical business’.

She argued: “Many parents don’t know what their children are watching. And may not be paying attention.

“Disney has a moral duty. They can be an ethical business if they want to be. They make billions every year from their films. Children watch their films from a very young age, and they are some of the first stories they imbibe.

“The original story does not end with a kiss, Disney invented that kiss. They do have responsibility for changing the original plotline.”

However, relationship expert Emiliana Silvestri disagreed with her points and said the teaching of consent is ‘the responsibility of the parent’.

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