Woman Learns True Meaning Of Upside-Down Pineapples After Buying Beach Chairs

Pineapple Beach Chairs: A woman learnt the true meaning of upside-down pineapples after buying beach chairs.
Credit: @thayden/TikTok

A woman learnt the true meaning of upside-down pineapples after buying beach chairs. 

The TikToker, who goes by the username @louisanalady, has gone viral after sharing a clip of her loungers at the seaside.

She captioned the post: “I can’t believe this. I had these chairs long before I knew.”

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The pineapple beach chairs.
The woman learnt the true meaning of the upside-down pineapple symbol after buying beach chairs. Credit: @thayden/TikTok

Text in the video also read: “When you bought your beach chairs before you knew what pineapple meant.”

Apparently, upside-down pineapples symbolise that someone is looking for a swingers party, and will allow them to identify one another.

According to Eye Spy, when the symbol is placed on a porch or mailbox, it can mean that a party is taking place at the site.

Clarifying the meaning of an upside-down pineapple for her followers, the TikToker took to the comments and added: “Upside down pineapple means swingers… I didn’t know til TikTok. I’m still using these chairs but just attracted some unwanted attention today.”


I can’t believe this ??‍♀️I’ve had these chairs long before I knew.

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Since being shared on the social media platform, the woman’s video has accumulated thousands of likes and hundreds have taken to the comments.

“Doesn’t matter how others look at or interpret things, it is just beach furniture,” one viewer commented.

Another added: “They aren’t upside-down so you should be safe.”

“It’s fine. Only upside-down pineapples have a meaning,” a third agreed.

Pitching in, a fourth commented: “I think pineapples are cute! I’m so sick of the world twisting things!”

“Right, cover them up with a beach towel!” another suggested.

In response, the TIkToker said: “Girl, a lady approached my husband. I’ll definitely have to cover them up or get the kids to sit in them.”

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