Pint Prices Set For ‘Astronomical’ Hike, Experts Predict

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Pint prices are set for an ‘astronomical’ hike, experts have predicted.

According to digital pensions provider Penfold, a pint of beer in London may cost £13.98 in just two and a half years if current trends are anything to go by.

Pints aren’t the only drinks affected by the cost of living crisis, as it’s also been suggested that by 2025, the average price of a cup of coffee will be £4.44.

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As reported by MyLondon, Penfold co-founder Chris Eastwood said: “Rising prices are impacting people across the UK, with almost every activity, commodity, and service observing increased costs as shown from our research.

“The reality is the heightened levels of inflation we are experiencing do not align with how quickly wages have risen.

“An increase of 15.35% has occurred in the last five years, yet overall costs of living have nearly tripled by 41.27%.”

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The British Beer and Pub Association is reportedly demanding a cut to beer duty, for pubs to have a reduced business rate and an urgent energy price cap for small businesses.

Wetherspoon chief Tim Martin weighed in on the matter with The Sun, penning: “Let’s not beat about the bush.

“If pubs are to survive and thrive in the future – generating a huge number of jobs as well as vast funds for the Treasury – they have to be treated fairly.

“Fairness means tax equality with supermarkets.

“Anything short of that means continuing decline for a once-great British institution.”

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It’s not just public figures who are unhappy about the current predictions, as people are taking to Twitter and sharing their thoughts.

One tweeted: “At one point do prices for anything reach the ‘can’t afford that’ syndrome and businesses have no customers and fail, that prospect of a downward spiral into depression is on the horizon.”

Another user questioned: “Who in their right mind would pay £14 a pint?”

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