Passenger Plane Flies For 13 Hours But Lands At Same Airport It Took Off From

A passenger plane flew for 13 hours but landed at the same airport that it took off from.
Credit: @emirates/Instagram & Flight Radar

A passenger plane flew for 13 hours but landed at the same airport it took off from. 

When Flight EK448 took off from Dubai at 10:30am, its passengers had no idea that it was going to be a pointless journey.

The Emirates jet was meant to fly out to Auckland, New Zealand, and arrive 16 hours later – unsurprisingly, it’s the company’s longest commercial route.

Instead, it ended up landing back in Dubai just after midnight.

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Before making the U-turn, it’s believed to have travelled approximately 9,000 miles.

One passenger, who lives in New Zealand, was returning home from India via Dubai, alongside her son.

She says (via that it was an ‘unexpected turn of events’ – which is a relatively calm reaction to having had 13 hours wasted.

The situation is out of everyone’s control, as it’s all down to the weather in Auckland.

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The city has been forced to close its airport and cancel its domestic and international flights due to a heavy downpour of rain.

It’s become so bad that travellers have found themselves stuck between the terminal buildings while wading through knee-deep water.

An Auckland Airport statement reads: “Auckland Airport has been assessing the damage to our international terminal and unfortunately determined that no international flights can operate today.

“We know this is extremely frustrating but the safety of passengers is our top priority.”

Emirates plane makes a U-turn.
The passenger plane flew for 13 hours but landed at the same airport it took off from. Credit: Flight Radar

The airport’s chief executive, Carrie Hurihanganui, says it was a ‘really long and challenging night’.

“Our teams, and those of our airport partners, continue to work around the clock to make sure we can get our domestic and international terminal operations open safely as soon as possible,” she adds.

According to MailOnline, the Kiwi city has been forced to call a state of emergency following the torrential rain.

It’s apparently broken rainfall records, with the airport logging 9.8 inches of rain within a 24-hour radius.

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While Auckland’s mayor, Wayne Brown, is warning that the dangerous conditions may continue.

He reportedly says: “My team’s current focus and our big worry is that some Aucklanders might think the worse is behind us, but it isn’t.”

Brown explains that in areas that have already been waterlogged, up to five inches of rain have been forecast.

He adds: “It has taken some time for everyone to appreciate just how big and widespread an event this has been and it hasn’t finished yet.

“The downfall was by far the biggest in our history. It was well beyond even what our emergency people either imagined or planned for.”

The downpour has reportedly been triggered by warm weather that has descended from the tropics.

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