Plus-Size Model Say She’s Attacked By Trolls For Not Being Curvy Enough

A plus-size model who has been dubbed a Kim Kardashian lookalike claims that the curvy community has trolled her for not being big enough. 

Sammy Krueger, from Portland, Oregon, has spoken out about the abuse she’s received from the curvy community, who says she’s not voluptuous enough despite being compared to Kim Kardashian.

The 28-year-old has a whopping 2.7 million followers on Instagram and often shares Kardashian inspired looks on her feed.

The brunette beauty admires the reality TV family and has modelled her entire vibe off them.


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As she’s accumulated so many followers, she’s managed to make a comfortable amount of money through brand deals and modelling.

Sammy says she greatly admires the Kardashian family but in particular, Kim Kardashian herself. She looks up to her business savviness and finds it extremely flattering that fans think they look alike.

In addition to looking like Kim Kardashian, the plus-size model thinks that her boyfriend carries a Kanye West attitude too.

But although her boyfriend is a big fan of her look, Sammy claims she’s been attacked by trolls within the curvy community and is insulted that she’s not even considered plus-size by some of them, even though she wears XL and 1XL clothing.


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Despite having large hips, thighs and curvy bum, people say that she shouldn’t be classed as plus-size and model such clothing, as she has a small waist and stomach.

Even though Sammy is constantly complimented by fans and loves showing off outfits on her Instagram, she insists that she’s not as confident as she looks. When people spot her in public and get chatting, they often remark on how humble and kind she is.

However, she says that some who meet her in person judge her purely from her online personality, which could be considered intimidating.

Surprisingly, it’s not just women who can be rude to Sammy. She often finds that men become rude when they feel rejected by her and begin to insult her appearance.

Fortunately, the model has learnt not to give people with negative energy the time of day.

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