Polyamorous Throuple Say Everything Is Equal In Their Three-Way Relationship

A polyamorous throuple say that everything is equal in their relationship despite the alternative lifestyle and age gap. 

Rodrigo Contreras, 41, and Melin Velasco Reyes, 31, who are both from Mexico first met in 2012 after being introduced by a mutual friend and after hitting it off immediately, the couple tied the knot after just one week. Rodrigo even popped the question on the very day they met.

Despite only having eyes for his nutritionist wife Melin, the marketing entrepreneur acknowledged early on in the relationship that he didn’t want a traditional monogamous relationship as he enjoyed living an alternative lifestyle and was always openminded to introducing others into their relationship. Lucky for Rodrigo, she accepted this agreement.

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After four years of marriage and focusing purely on their relationship, the couple began to consider the idea of spicing things up a little and began searching for another woman who would join in their union.

It wasn’t long before the couple met waitress Lucy whilst they were enjoying a night out in Mexico. She was just 18 at the time and still in high school.

Initially, Lucy couldn’t believe that Rodrigo dared to flirt with her in front of Melin, but as she began to speak to the couple she soon understood they didn’t have a typical relationship. Before she knew, she became close to the couple and eventually, they formed a polyamorous relationship which continues to remain strong to this day.

Although Melin was always aware of Rodrigo’s belief that monogamy was not a way of life, she persisted they enjoy their own life and love before introducing someone else into the relationship. Therefore, Rodrigo held off exploring so that they could allow their own relationship to flourish and see what it would develop into.

Instagram: @trikytriad

When Rodrigo and his wife first met Lucy at a bar in Mexico, they had a discussion before deciding to make the bold move.

Initially, the relationship didn’t blossom quite as quickly as Rodrigo’s and Melin’s did, but the pair quickly became regular visitors to the bar where Lucy was a waitress at. This eventually led to Lucy becoming more open to Rodrigo’s romanticising ways and soon, she was reciprocating the flirtatious behavior.

In reflection, Rodrigo believes that the addition to Lucy in the relationship has had a positive impact on his marriage with Melin. Despite society being against their relationship, the couple is planning a wedding.

Melin and Lucy are both straight and do not have a sexual relationship, but the throuple admit there’s the possibility of kids in the future.

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