Pope Francis Tells Vaccine ‘Deniers’ To ‘Hurry Up And Get Jab’

Pope Francis is telling vaccine 'deniers' to 'hurry up and get the jab,' according to reports. 
Credit: Pexels & Vatican News via YouTube

Pope Francis is telling vaccine ‘deniers’ to ‘hurry up and get the jab,’ according to reports

The 84-year-old is believed to have told reporters that people are forgetting that, throughout time, people have had a ‘friendship with vaccines’.

He apparently said: “It’s a bit strange because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines.

Watch as Pope Francis encourages people to get the Covid-19 vaccine in the clip below… 

“As children [we were vaccinated] for measles, polio – all the children were vaccinated and no one said anything.”

In particular, the Pope struggles to understand why people within his own Church have been hesitant to get the jab.

He continued: “Even in the College of Cardinals there are some vaccine negationists.

“But one of them, poor thing, has been hospitalised with the virus.

“These are the ironies of life.”

However, he did not specify which Cardinal had been affected by Covid-19.

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Pope Francis is telling vaccine ‘deniers’ to ‘hurry up and get the jab’. Credit: Pexels

The Pope is believed to have then said that almost everyone within the Vatican has now been given the inoculation and for those that are still unsure, they are supporting them by ‘studying how to help’.

Despite being pro-vaccine, he said he did understand the debates. However, he believes this should be resolved by ‘clarifying things and speaking calmly’.

Reportedly, he said people may be ‘afraid’ of the jab as there’s so many available and some are alleged to be ‘little more than distilled water’.

Over in the US, many bishops are believed to be anti-vaccine and have argued that Catholics should be allowed to skip it by claiming conscientious objection due to religious beliefs. However, the Pope doesn’t agree with this.

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