‘Hilarious’ Post Office Sign Warning Customers Goes Viral

Post Office
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A post office was so fed up with its customers that it reportedly said it would charge them for being ‘grouchy’.

A photo posted to Reddit of a sign in a Welsh Post Office has gone viral for its firm approach to rude customers.

The sign read: “If you are grouchy or irritable, or just plain rude: there will be a £10 charge for putting up with you.”

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The post office's sign.
The post office was so fed up with its customers that it reportedly said it would charge them for being ‘grouchy’. Credit: Zer0daveexpl0it via Reddit

The original poster, who goes by the username Zer0daveexpl0it, thought it was an attempt at ‘good old British humour,’ and said it reminded him of the kind of sign Basil Fawlty would have had up.

He said: “I’d like to have been there the day someone was particularly p***ed  to trigger this. Or it’s an attempt at good old British humour. 

“I can see Basil Fawlty having a sign like this. Either way, I didn’t test the fellow and was done and dusted in less than two minutes.”

It wasn’t long before the sign was shared far and wide online, with users complimenting the no-nonsense attitude.

One wrote: “I need this where I work. We’d make a fortune!”

Another said: “Staff are a punching bag for the public these days, hence why no one wants to work in public facing roles.”

A third chimed in: “To be fair, our local post office is primarily used by pensioners who are grumpy as f***.”

Some had a different take, though, with one commenter saying he hoped the sign was ‘double-sided’.

A second added: “When I worked in shops I never really cared if people were grumpy as long as they didn’t take it out on me.

“I don’t know what’s going on in your life, you might have a very good reason to be grouchy.”

According to Metro, the sign has now been removed.

A Post Office spokesperson told the news outlet: “We’ve spoken to the Postmaster who tells us they put up the sign as a bit of fun with their customers and have since taken down the sign.

“This couple who run this branch are very community-minded and popular with their customers, many of whom have seen the funny side.”

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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