Prankster Orders Meals Totalling $170 From Struggling Family Restaurant And Refuses To Pay

A cruel prankster ordered 21 meals that totalled $170 from a struggling family restaurant and then refused to pay after sending one of the workers a fake delivery address. 

A cruel man, based in the Yarra Ranges area of Melbourne, Australia, placed an order with a family restaurant that totalled $170 and then refused to pay up.

The prankster gave the worker a fake delivery address, so the food arrived at an unsuspecting resident’s home, meaning that it was left wasted.

The exchange of text messages has been shared onto Reddit, in which readers can see that the man placed an order for 21 meals. When he was told that his food was on his way, he responding by putting a thumbs up.

When the delivery driver then showed up to a local home of a random person, the restaurant worker decided to send the man a message.

The text said: “Address you provided is not correct.”

Coldly, the man replied: “I know. F***heads.”

In response, the restaurant said: “Thank you for letting a local struggling business down by doing these kind of inhuman jokes. Blessings.”

Shockingly, the rude customer’s response became even more spiteful.

They texted back: “You stupid c***. No one wanna buy your s***. I have a housewife so I don’t need your f***ing food.”

Credit: Reddit

After the series of text messages were shared onto Reddit, readers expressed their outrage at the prankster’s horrible act.

One person commented: “Irked me that he didn’t say he had a wife, but a housewife, like that’s her whole identity. Feel sorry for her. She probably has to put up with this sort of stupid power game s**t too.”

Another said: “I don’t think people quite understand what a prank is vs just being an a**hole.”

While a third added: “Makes my blood boil.”

In other news, a man sprinkled his own pubic hairs into his meal at a restaurant and then refused to pay for the meal.

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