Pregnant Schoolgirl, 14, Reveals That She Wants Another Baby With Her Boyfriend Aged 11-Years-Old

A pregnant schoolgirl who has garnered a mass of media attention has now revealed to fans on social media that doctors are yet to tell her an exact due date as she is so young. Despite not having had the baby yet, she has admitted to wanting another. 

Darya Sudnishnikova, who fell pregnant at just 13-years-old, became famous when she said that the father of her unborn child was a boy who was 10-years-old at the time.

In January, the couple appeared on a national Russian TV show and announced they were expecting a baby.

Despite the doctors insisting that it was physically impossible for Ivan to be the father of her child, Darya brushed off the idea of anyone else being the father as “complete nonsense”.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

The couple said a friend had introduced the pair and they had fallen in love at first sight. Darya said that they would walk down the street, holding hands and they’d kiss too.

Despite the young age, the couple insisted they had had sex and that was how she found herself pregnant.

Darya explained: “It was Vanya’s idea to have sex, but I did not mind.

“He closed the door leaving the key in the lock, so his mum could not open the door.

“It was scary a bit, that it would be painful.

“It was just a little – and then everything was normal.

“It was a bit shameful, we were just hiding under the blanket.”

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

Regardless of the teenager’s claims, the doctors said that it was not possible and there was no mistake. Ivan was not the father of the child, no matter what she said.

After months of speculation and further media attention, the Russian teenager decided to come clean and admitted that Ivan, now 11, was not the father of her unborn baby girl.

To her huge amount of followers, she stated: “It was a rape. I cannot tell how it happened, because it is painful to recall.

“For the long time after that accident, I could not do anything, it was scary and lonely at the same time.”

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

Currently, the high-profile case is being handled by a state investigator from Moscow, as Darya says that she knows the name of her rapist.

Now 14-years-old and nearing the end of her pregnancy, she has told fans and followers that she isn’t actually sure what her due date is as doctors won’t say, she said: “No one knows what week I can reach.”

Last week, the young girl was rushed to hospital following complications in her pregnancy. She shared footage of herself in the hospital as she underwent a cardiotocograph which would check the foetal heartbeat.

Darya admitted that the experience had left her shaken up and “more afraid than ever”. At only 31-weeks pregnant, she dreaded the thought of going into labour.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

After announcing her pregnancy, the teenager found that she amassed a large social media following. Considering being an ‘influencer’, Darya shares a lot of content with her fans and recently took part in a question and answer session with followers. They have been curious as to how her pregnancy is progressing. It has been speculated that she is due in September.

Having already shared that she and Ivan have decided on naming the baby girl Carolina, she was then asked by fans if there would be a second baby.

In her response, Darya hinted that there was a possibility of a younger sibling for her baby.

She replied: “Possibly in the future when my baby is 10-years-old.”

Despite being there throughout his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Ivan admitted earlier this year on a Russian TV show that he was “very scared” about the birth.

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