Pregnant Schoolgirl Admits 10-Year-Old Boyfriend Isn’t The Father Of Her Unborn Child

A pregnant schoolgirl has finally decided to admit that her 10-year-old boyfriend isn’t the father of her unborn child and has now revealed it was a “fat and tall” teenager who sexually assaulted her in a stairway. 

Darya, who was just 13-years-old when she found out she was pregnant, has decided to reveal the truth about the father of her unborn child, as she claims she previously didn’t have the courage to admit the upsetting truth.

In January this year, the Russian teenager appeared on a TV show and her story was consequently shared around the world, as people couldn’t believe she was insisting a 10-year-old boy was the father of the child, after having had consensual sex.

Since appearing on the TV show, she has become a social media star and has now amassed over 208,000 Instagram followers on her ‘Pregnant at 13’ account.

Now aged 14, Darya has decided it is the time to come clean and has revealed that Ivan, 10, is not actually the dad of her unborn baby girl.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

To her huge amount of followers, she stated: “It was a rape. I cannot tell how it happened, because it is painful to recall.

“For the long time after that accident, I could not do anything, it was scary and lonely at the same time.”

Previously, she has branded the claims that she was raped in an apartment block staircase as “complete nonsense” when it was reported by Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The newspaper claimed that she was attacked by a teenager, 15, who also attended the school she did.

For four months, Darya claimed Ivan was the father of her unborn child and they are currently in a relationship.

The teenager has now confirmed that the report was inaccurate as her attacker was at least 16 and did not attend her school. However, she has admitted that she was raped and the rapist is the biological father of her child.

She has recently revealed that she and Ivan have decided to name the baby girl Karolina.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

Online, Darya wrote: “This man was VERY fat for his age. And very tall.

“The most scary is that he lives in the same town, and our town is small.”

Zheleznogorsk, where the pregnant girl is based, is closed to outsiders and is a key location in Russia’s nuclear industry.

She added: “I am really scared to meet him somewhere on the street. It was in November and really on the staircase.

“It was dark already and that is why no one could help. I cannot say more, think you understand me.”

It has since been added that she knows the rapist’s name and that the case is currently being handled by a state investigator from Moscow.

Darya stated: “This man is so far free, as after I give birth they will do a DNA test and if it confirms that man, they will decide what action to take.”

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

For a long time, the 14-year-old felt that she couldn’t tell either her mum or dad the real truth about how she found herself pregnant. She felt the only way was to pass Ivan off as the father.

For a number of months, she kept to the story even though doctors insisted it was physically impossible for a 10-year-old boy to have gotten her pregnant.

Despite this, the couple decided to have a gender reveal party for their social media followers and it was revealed they would be having a baby girl. They have insisted that they will be raising the baby together.

When Darya was still maintaining that Ivan was the father of her child, she originally claimed that Ivan had been the one to suggest they have sex and they had assumed “nothing would happen”.

At the time, Ivan’s mum decided to believe her son’s versions of events and insisted that she believed him when he said he was the father.

At this moment in time, Darya is six months pregnant and is expected to be having the baby through C-section.

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