Pregnant Woman Shocks Followers With Bump ‘Dropping’ Video

Pregnant Woman Bump 'Dropping': A TikToker has gone viral with the video of her baby bump while working out.
Credit: @weirdjaime/TikTok

A pregnant woman has shocked followers with a video of her baby bump ‘dropping’ during a workout. 

The TikToker, who goes by the username @weirdjaime, shared the clip on her platform and it has now been viewed almost two million times.

Telling followers ‘she nearly peed herself,’ the mum-to-be wrote: “Point of view, you feel the baby drop down mid-set.”

Pregnant Woman’s Bump Goes Viral As People Are Convinced She’s ‘Having Eight Babies’

Pregnant woman working out.
The pregnant woman has posted many videos of her baby bump, alongside the ‘dropping’ one. Credit: @weirdjaime/TikTok

Users on the social media platform have been quick to share their reactions, with many dubbing it ‘cool’.

One said: “That was really cool to see! You normally never catch them dropping.”

“The magic of a female body,” added another. “Good on you for keeping on with staying healthy, it’ll hopefully make labour easier!”

A third commented: “That was amazing to watch.”

Questioning why she was working out when so heavily pregnant, another asked: “No hate but is it a good idea to still work out whilst pregnant?

“I heard pregnant people shouldn’t do exercise, I’m confused now.”


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However, it was quickly shut down by someone else, who said: “Before all the negative Nancy’s hop on here, it’s healthier for you to continue your routine pre-baby than stop altogether!

“Her doctors will agree.”

In agreement, a second added: “As long as you’re not increasing your workouts or pushing yourself, most doctors recommend continuing with most of your pre-baby routine.”

To which the mum-to-be replied: “Exactly, I don’t do anything that would put him at risk, I know many women who continued to lift/CrossFit/run all throughout pregnancy.”

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