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Priest Who ‘Died And Visited Hell’ Says He Saw Demons Singing Rihanna

A priest claims he temporarily 'died and visited hell,' where he saw demons singing a Rihanna song. 
Credit: @geraldajohnson/TikTok & Alamy

A priest claims he temporarily ‘died and visited hell,’ where he saw demons singing a Rihanna song. 

Pastor Gerald Johnson says when he suffered a heart attack in February 2016 his ‘spirit left his physical body.’

Before the alleged experience, he had believed he would go to heaven ‘as he had done so much good in the world and helped so many people.’

But to Johnson’s surprise, he went ‘straight down to the center of the Earth,’ otherwise known as hell.

Gerald Johnson
Pastor Gerald Johnson claims he ‘died and went to hell,’ where a demonic version of a Rihanna song was playing. Credit:@geraldjohnson/TikTok

In a viral video on TikTok, Johnson says he was baffled there was a place in hell where demonic versions of songs were playing ‘to torment you.’

Bizarrely, one of the tracks was ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna, while another was Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy.’

After seeing Johnson’s videos, many have taken to social media and reacted, with one writing: “Like everyone would love to live in this hell!”

“I can’t wait to dance to ‘Umbrella’ in hell!” another jokes.

A third person says: “I’m not one to joke about hell at all, but damn they play good music in hell?”

The pastor claims the hit Rihanna song ‘Umbrella’ was playing in hell. Credit: Alamy

Johnson believes a lot of music is demonically inspired, claiming: “Every lyric to every song is to torment you [for] the fact that you didn’t worship God through music when you were on the Earth… you chose to worship Satan by repeating the lyrics that he inspired to come into the Earth.”

In another area of hell, Johnson claims he saw ‘what looked like a man, on all fours, like a dog, he was burned from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet and his eyes were bulging out,’ with a demon holding a chain around the man’s neck.

The priest says: “I saw the real hell, I was there and I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. I don’t care what the person has done to me. I would never wish that on them.”

Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson says he wouldn’t wish the experience on his worst enemy. Credit:@geraldjohnson/Instagram

Many people have asked the priest why he went to hell if he did such good in the world.

Well, Johnson has the answer…

The priest believes Jesus had a message for him: “He said, ‘You have been secretly upset with the people who have hurt you. You had been hoping that I would punish the people that hurt you. These are not your people. These are my people. I only want you to focus on the assignment I am giving you.'”

Johnson continues: “The root of it is that although I did good and gave a lot to people, the thing that I had in my heart was unforgiveness towards people that have done me wrong.

“That’s my experience with hell, it is a real place. God doesn’t send people to hell, people send themselves to hell.”


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