Prince George’s Wimbledon Appearance Concerns Royal Fans

Prince George Wimbledon: The eight-year-old has concerned Royal fans with his Wimbledon appearance. 
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Prince George has concerned Royal fans with his Wimbledon appearance. 

The eight-year-old attended the men’s final on July 10 while wearing a full suit and it left many people ‘worried’ that he’d be ‘too warm’ due to UK’s soaring temperatures.

On Twitter, one user penned: “I know there is a strict dress code in the Royal Box at @wimbledon and his mum and dad are very respectful of such things, but did Prince George really have to wear a suit and tie in that heat? 

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Surely a smart polo shirt and chinos would have been fine, he’s only eight!”

In agreement, a second said: “Don’t agree with Prince George being taken to Wimbledon dressed in a suit and tie and having to sit for several hours. He’s only eight years old, for goodness sake.”

“Shocked at seeing little Prince George sitting in a suit and tie in the sun at Wimbledon in that heat yesterday! What are they thinking?” a third wrote. “Put the child in a T-shirt for goodness sake!”

Weighing in, another added: “Poor Prince George. Trussed up in a suit and tie on the hottest day at Wimbledon. I know he’s third in line but he’s a little boy, for crying out loud. A nice, collared cotton tee and a pair of slacks would be much more comfortable, poor kid.”

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Others took to the social media platform and defended Prince George’s parents’ decision to have him wear a full suit.

“He seemed quite at home in that suit today. He looked happy and relaxed. Worth getting dressed up to meet the Wimbledon champion and hold that trophy!” one enthused.

“Really up to them how they chose to dress George. Nothing to be judgy about. Loads of obvious reasons to be dressed this way, of course. I’m sure had they dressed him a different way, there would also be loads of judgy comments. George is fine!” added another.

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