Prince Harry Will ‘Disappoint William And Charles’ Over Prince Philip’s Memorial Plans

Prince Philip and Prince Harry.
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Prince Harry, who reportedly blames his stepmother, Camilla, for his mental health struggles, will apparently ‘disappoint Prince William and Prince Charles’ over his plans for Prince Philip’s memorial. 

After hearing that the Duke of Sussex won’t be returning to the UK for his grandfather’s service, an ex-butler of the Royal Family, named Grant Harrold, has spoken out.

He told OK!: “I think part of them, because it’s family, will think it’s sad he’s not there for it. And it’s possible they will be disappointed.

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“But, at the same time, if there are reasons for it, which we don’t know, they wouldn’t be disappointed and, if anything, they might be saying: ‘You do whatever it is what you’ve got to do’.

“But, if it is a straight, black and white and it’s all to do with this security issue then I’m sure there will be a part of a disappointment because they may be saying: ‘Is it worth not being there for your grandfather’s memorial service over this security issue?’.

“Whatever’s going on with that has somehow influenced him to now decide he’s not going to come over.

“But, again why he can’t just come over himself… I understand that maybe with the children, a young family, Meghan maybe doesn’t want to travel.”

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Prince Philip
Prince Harry will apparently ‘disappoint Prince William and Princes Charles’ over his plans for Prince Philip’s memorial. Credit: Alamy

So far, Prince Harry has not clarified why he won’t be returning to the UK for his grandfather’s memorial service.

However, the news has come amid reports that Duke is in disputes with the Home Office over the amount of security he would need if he were to do so.

A representative of the Royal told NBC News that he wouldn’t be travelling to England for the occasion, but added that the 37-year-old hopes to visit The Queen ‘soon’.

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