Queen Says Covid-19 Vaccine Is ‘Harmless’ And Jab ‘Didn’t Hurt’

The Queen says that the COVID-19 vaccine is ‘harmless’ and the jab ‘didn’t hurt at all’. 

The 94-year-old spoke to the four health leaders who are responsible for the distribution of the vaccine across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on a video call this Tuesday.

During the chat, she urged those that are doubtful about it to ‘think about other people rather than themselves’.

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The Queen is urging those who don’t want the vaccine to think ‘about other people’. Credit: Buckingham Palace

The Queen said: “Well, as far as I can make out it was quite harmless.

“It was very quick, and I’ve had lots of letters from people who’ve been very surprised by how easy it was to get the vaccine.”

Dr Emily Lawson, who is running the vaccine deployment programme for the NHS in England, explained: “We hope everyone who is offered the vaccine will take it up, because it is … all of our best chances to protect both the people who take up the vaccine, their families and their communities.”

The monarch replied: “Once you’ve had the vaccine you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected, which is I think very important.

“I think the other thing is, that it is obviously difficult for people if they’ve never had a vaccine… but they ought to think about other people rather than themselves.

“I think it is remarkable how quickly the whole thing has been done and so many people have had the vaccine already.”

Deputy chief medical officer for Northern Ireland, Dr Naresh Chada, chipped in saying: “We know that this is probably the largest and most disruptive pandemic that we face globally, and within the UK, for over 100 years, and now there’ll be a continual battle of the vaccine versus the virus and its mutations.

“But I’ve got absolute faith, both in the medical research community – both here in the UK and globally – that we will keep one step ahead of the virus, and that will definitely lead to better times, for all of us.”

Featured Image Credit: Pexel & Buckingham Palace

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