Queen’s Guard ‘Shouts At Tourist’ In Viral Video

One of The Queen's guards has been filmed 'shouting at a tourist' and the video has now gone viral. 
Credit: ARK Media

One of The Queen’s guards has been filmed ‘shouting at a tourist’ and the video has now gone viral. 

Shanti Godar visited Windsor Castle back in January when she caught the shocking moment on camera, reports ARK Media.

In the footage, a teenager is obliviously standing in the way of the guard’s marching path, which triggers a response.

Watch the shocking moment with The Queen’s guard here…

When the guard reaches the teen, he yells out: “Move back!”

Shocked, the adolescent moves out of the way and as the soldier appears to look on.

This isn’t the only video that has got people talking about The Queen’s guards.

Recently, a TikTok clip by @phigs_ went viral and it shows one of them yelling at a tourist for ‘touching his horse’.

Text on the footage alleges: “Queen’s guard verbally attacks my step-mum. We will never return to London after this incident.”

The post was captioned: “He was a rather angry little man.”

So far, it’s accumulated more than 4.7million views and more than 225,000 likes. Hundreds have also taken to the comments to share their thoughts on the matter.

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Defending the guard, one viewer responded: “Wish people would have more respect for these guys.”

Another added: “They are not tourist attractions they are soldiers. Don’t touch them or go so near to them.”

“It’s not Disneyland, they are deadly military personnel and should not be messed with,” a third penned.

In agreement, a fourth user commented: “It’s like a guide dog it’s on duty so you can’t touch it for many reasons. So the guard was totally in the right.”

Another said: “Good guard. People think they can just touch anything they want to. She learned the hard way he’s not letting her get away with it.”

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