Reason Queen’s ‘Inquiry’ Into ‘Meghan Markle Bullying Claims’ Won’t Be Shared

The Queen and Meghan Markle.
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The reason The Queen’s ‘inquiry’ into ‘Meghan Markle bullying claims’ won’t be disclosed has been revealed.

According to The Sun, the 96-year-old won’t reveal the results in order to ‘protect the privacy’ of those who took part.

It’s believed the Royal hired a private law firm to investigate the bullying allegations. However, the outlet claims that she reflected on the ‘tensions’ it could cause with her grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife.

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In a piece for The New Zealand Herald, Australian Royal expert Daniela Elser weighed on The Queen’s ‘explosive move’.

She penned: “Outwardly this looks like the mature play on the part of The Queen here.

“Why stoke the flames and drag this particular business back into the spotlight? Better to tidy it away to preserve what is left of the frayed ties between London and Montecito.

“But whether intentionally or not, in keeping schtum about whatever conclusions the lawyers have come to, Her Majesty has in fact done her granddaughter-in-law a disservice and damned Meghan.

“But what might at first look like Team Windsor sensibly tamping down a spark which could reignite hostilities with the rebellious duo is in fact a more loaded and potentially explosive move.”

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Elser went on to say that by ‘burying’ the investigation, it has ‘permanently barred Meghan from the chance to exonerate herself’.

Earlier this month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned to the UK for the first time as a couple since giving up their Royal duties. They also brought along their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

During their visit, the couple held a party for their daughter’s first birthday at Frogmore Cottage.

According to Page Six, the event was a ‘casual, intimate backyard picnic’ involving ‘close friends and family’.

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