Rachel Riley Says Johnny Depp Verdict Is A ‘Horrible State Of Affairs’

Rachel Riley Johnny Depp Verdict: The Countdown star dubbed the Amber Heard verdict a 'horrible state of affairs' after the ruling was made. 
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Rachel Riley, who previously branded Johnny Depp a ‘monster,’ dubbed the Amber Heard verdict a ‘horrible state of affairs’ after the ruling was made. 

The Countdown star has taken to Twitter and wrote: “‘We need to accept the verdict, etc etc’.

“Said by those who didn’t accept the one already determined by an experienced British judge, which is where most of us got the info to form an opinion in the first place.

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“Male/female has nothing to do with it.

“Horrible state of affairs.”

The presenter’s followers have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts on the verdict too.

In response, one wrote: “I’m honestly terrified as to what this means. Even aside from any legal precedent what victim will want to come forward in future? After this? It’s like society made an example of Heard to silence the rest.”

“I fear for women in the US, particularly where 1 in 4 is victims of IPV. The TimesUp fund says that 20% of their cases are defending victims from defamation. Some even just reporting abusers to the police,” another said. “This will have a massive chill effect.”

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Before the verdict was made, psychologist Jessica Taylor told The Independent that the case may ‘vindicate male abusers’.

The expert told the publication: “I’m getting comments from women from all over social media who are being called ‘Amber’ by their abusive ex, or their husbands or boyfriends.

“It is being used by perpetrators when the woman is seen to be overacting, or getting upset, or challenging them on their abusive behaviour.

“Amber Heard has become the personification of victim-blaming and misogyny. The trial has had immense damage and will have ripple effects for years.”

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