Rapper Left Outraged After Being Branded The ‘Black Billie Eilish’

Baby Storme Billie Eilish: The rapper has been left outraged after being branded the 'black Billie Eilish'.
Credit: @billieeilish/@babystorme/Instagram

Rapper Baby Storme has been left outraged after being branded the ‘black Billie Eilish’ by the New York Post

It all started when the 20-year-old, whose real name is Janice Mofus, heard that the publication had made the comparison in an article about the ‘most entertaining TikToks to follow’.

Taking to social media, the alternative artist questioned: “Why can’t it just be good?”

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Baby Storme
Baby Storme has been left outraged after being branded the ‘black Billie Eilish’. Credit: @babystorme/Instagram

So far, the singer’s post has accumulated a whopping 1.3million views and many people have taken to the comments, agreeing that the remark was ‘disrespectful’.

One viewer said: “You’re not the black anything, you’re yourself.”

Another added: “The disrespect. Just keep doing what you’re doing and prove you’re better.”

“You do not deserve to be cast in a shadow,” a third fumed. “You make your own light, be your own legacy. I hope everyone sees how bright you shine.”

Joining in, a fourth questioned: “Why can’t they compliment a good artist with actual good compliments?”

@babystormewhy can’t it just be good?..♬ JACKSON – Baby Storme

The self-taught pianist gained attention with her 2020 single ‘Mixed Feelings,’ which was followed by her 2021 hit, ‘Jackson’.

In an interview with Flaunt, Mofus claimed she lived a ‘sheltered’ life growing up.

She explained: “I was a little sheltered growing up because I was very much in the suburbs.

“I didn’t really know a lot of people who looked like me. As I got older, I became a lot more exposed to all forms of life and a lot more self-aware.”

At the time of writing, the New York Post has yet to amend the article.

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