Richard Madeley’s ‘Inappropriate’ Comment To Grieving Dad Sparks Outrage

Richard Madeley Robin Stanton-Gleaves: The presenter has been slammed on Twitter over ‘inappropriate' comments he made to a grieving father.
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Richard Madeley has been slammed on Twitter over ‘inappropriate’ comments he made to a grieving father on Good Morning Britain.

Robin Stanton-Gleaves was being interviewed on the show so that he could ‘set the record straight’ 22-year-old Jack Fenton’s death – after he was struck by helicopter rotor blades on a Greek holiday with his son last month. 

With the interview running short on time, Madeley ignited a social media furore when he told Stanton-Gleaves, who was explaining what really happened and what his son saw, to ‘get to the point’. 

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He said: “That’s why I want you to tell it because we’re a little bit short of time.”

It has been widely reported that Jack was trying to take a selfie with the helicopter when tragedy struck.

Stanton-Gleaves explained: “Well, Jack, very simply, you know… The helicopter landed, the rotors were still going, and the boys’ doors opened and the boys walked off the helicopter.”

When Madeley interrupted to ask if they were escorted off, Stanton-Gleaves said: “No, they were not. That’s what the Greeks say.”

“You’re saying that they weren’t escorted, they made their own way to the…,” Madeley probed.

Stanton-Gleaves added: “They didn’t get to the lounge. They stepped off the helicopter.

“My son turned, heard a sound and turned, then witnessed what he witnessed.”

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Viewers were appalled by Richard’s ‘incompassionate’ handling of the interview, and many took to social media to express their dismay.

One user wrote: “#GMB oh sod off Richard Madeley. You’re rushing him in the most incompassionate way. Just say you’re sorry & that they don’t have much time. Not GET TO THE STORY!”

Another said: “Richard Madeley can’t believe you just said head to head to the man who you’re interviewing about his son’s friend who sadly died last month in a helicopter accident – totally inappropriate due to the nature of how he died.”

“#gmb’s Richard Madeley interview techniques are so uncomfortable to watch. give that man some respect – telling him ‘get to that story, we are a bit short of time’ is very insensitive,” wrote a third.

A fourth added: “Richard Madeley is so rude to give the poor man some respect – he has just lost his son!”

Another tweet read: “Someone tell Richard Madeley to show this poor guy some respect.”

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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