Former Disney Channel Star Slams ‘Incredibly Irresponsible’ S** Scene In Banned Episode

Former Disney Channel star Rider Strong has opened up about an 'incredibly irresponsible' s** scene in a banned episode of Boy Meets World. 
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Former Disney Channel star Rider Strong has slammed an ‘incredibly irresponsible’ s** scene in a banned episode of Boy Meets World.

The Cabin Fever star starred as Shawn Hunter in the ABC American sitcom, which aired from 1993 to 2000.

The show chronicled the lives of students from the age of 11 until they graduated college.

While the majority of episodes were heartwarming and wholesome, it would occasionally delve into more serious subject matters.

This would eventually lead to some of the episodes being banned from airing after Disney Channel bought the rights for the sitcom in 2000.

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For the seven years that the network owned the rights to show, three episodes in total were a part of this ban, reports TheThings.

All of these particular instalments of the show either featured s** or alcohol.

Years later, the cast of Boy Meets World have come together for a podcast, Pod Meets World, and shared their thoughts on the ban.

In a recent episode, a fan asked the child stars: “What do you guys know about the episodes banned from Disney Channel?”

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To this particular question, Rider Strong had an incredibly strong reaction and admitted he had some negative memories about a certain episode titled ‘Prom-ises, Prom-ises’, which was in Season 5.

This particular episode featured Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage) and Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fischel).

It follows the pair as they plan to have s** for the first time after attending senior prom together.

Cory books a room for the young couple and at some point, they attempt to strip off each other’s clothes while kissing on the bed.

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However, they then decide they are not quite ready and want to wait a while longer.

Reflecting on this episode in the podcast, Strong admitted he felt ‘very upset with the adults on set’ when it was all being shot.

He said he felt it was ‘irresponsible’ to not be making any references to safe s**, especially so soon after the AIDS epidemic.

Apparently, he was so concerned by how this particular plot was being approached that he confronted the show’s creator and executive producer, Michael Jacobs.

Strong claimed that he ‘completely’ blew him off.

Boy Meets World
Rider Strong has criticised the approach to s** in the Disney show Boy Meets World. Credit: Disney

The 42-year-old recalled, via BuzzFeed News: “I remember really not liking the prom episode while we were taping it. I remember being very upset that entire week. 

I was very upset with the adults on set, the way that they were approaching this. Specifically, because we were not discussing safe s**.”

He continued: “The fact that we would not bring up Cory and Topanga using condoms or having a discussion about birth control at all, and yet the entire episode was about will they or will they not…

“I remember just being so upset and I brought it up… saying, ‘Can we talk about this?’.

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“‘Maybe you generationally don’t understand that, but we were growing up in the era of AIDS, this is something that we have to talk about’.

“When you are discussing losing your virginity, you discuss how you’re going to do it and how to be safe about it.

And he completely blew me off and told me it was a ridiculous thing to worry about and that we don’t even need to discuss it.

I felt, at the time, that that was incredibly irresponsible.”

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Elsewhere in the podcast, Strong said that he was never entirely happy with how the show approached s**.

In particular, he wasn’t impressed by the fact the sitcom emphasised Cory and Topanga not having s** before marriage. 

I remember being very uncomfortable about all the s** conversations on Boy Meets World. It was just really weird,” Strong remarked. 

I remember rolling my eyes about all the Cory and Topanga virgin stuff. It just felt so precious, outdated, and just weird to be talking about.”

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