Robert Irwin Cries After Receiving 19th Birthday Message From Late Dad Steve

Robert Irwin was overcome with emotion after receiving a birthday message from his late father.
Credit: Diskirra via YouTube

Robert Irwin broke down in tears after receiving a 19th birthday message from his late father.

Irwin was just two years old when Australian zookeeper and TV personality Steve Irwin tragically died aged 44 after being struck in the chest by a stingray’s barb in September 2006.

Following in his father’s footsteps, the youngster has gone on to become a ‘wildlife warrior’ at Australia Zoo and is a much-loved celebrity figure in his own right.

And when Irwin turned 19 in December, he was shown a tribute video of Steve discussing his birth, and the hopes he had of ‘Bob’ becoming ‘the next crocodile hunter’.

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In the footage, Steve can be heard stressing how important it was for him to raise children who could potentially continue his legacy, saying that it would be ‘the proudest moment’ of his life.

He says: “The whole time you’re here, you’re like, I’m catching crocs, I’m saving wildlife, I’m doing this and I’m doing that.

“But when Bindi was born I had the same sensation, now with little Bob the same sensation, it’s like this is why I was put here, because I could be dead tomorrow.”

The video then cuts to footage of Robert working with wildlife, in which he could easily be mistaken for his father.

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After watching the clip, Irwin – wiping away tears – said he was grateful to be able to continue his dad’s work and that he hoped Steve would be proud of him.

He said: “Oh, mate. Making me cry on my birthday! 

“It means the absolute world. I just think it’s such a privilege, personally and as a family, to continue the legacy of dad.

“He gave his life, quite literally, for wildlife conservation and to make the world a better place.”

Irwin then said that he feels the loss of his father more on milestone birthdays.

Many fans have taken to social media and said it’s lovely to see that Irwin is following in his late dad’s footsteps.

One wrote: “Their son is a SPITTING IMAGE of Steve in every single way. It is incredible! And the fact he followed in his footsteps is awesome!”

Another added: “Dang that kid is so much like his dad. His voice, his energy, [his] personality. Happy to see this family still doing so much good for nature and youth.”

While a third commented: “Robert is a perfect example of carrying a legacy.

“All because Steve has passed away doesn’t mean he’s gone and that’s thanks to his family. Robert’s carrying the torch now and doing a damn well job at it.”

Irwin also opened up about his father’s absence when he was the cover star of Australia’s Stellar magazine.

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He said: “Because I am sort of stepping into adulthood, having turned 18, and navigating that is hard enough [but] when you are in my situation, and you don’t have a father figure to guide you through, it’s really hard.”

He also told ET last October: “We’re also very lucky because through all of dad’s amazing documentaries we basically have our life on TV.

“So all we have to do is put the DVD in the DVD player and rewind and press play and we can relive these amazing memories. 

“So we are very, very lucky in that respect.”

Since his death, the Irwin family have kept Steve’s memory alive by continuing his conservation work.

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