Robert Pattinson Was ‘Only Paid $3Million’ For Batman Role

Robert Pattinson Batman Salary: The actor was reported to have 'only been paid $3milllion' for his role in The Batman movie.
Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment & Alamy

Robert Pattinson is reported to have ‘only been paid $3milllion’ for his role in The Batman movie, according to Variety

The actor, who became a household name after starring in both the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises, has risen eyebrows after his alleged salary for the role has been disclosed.

Many fans have taken to Twitter and fumed at the figure, dubbing it ‘pretty low’ for a big blockbuster film.

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One joked: “This man is eating canned tuna.”

A second said: “Seems like a lot for us the average person but pretty low for an actor, especially in a comic book movie about one of the most famous superheroes of all time, why’s that? Low budget?”

Alongside teary emojis, a third added: “$3million for a comic book movie lead role 10 years into his career while being globally known already…?”

There are numerous reasons why Pattinson’s salary may have been lower than what people would have expected for such a big role.

Potentially, it’s because, in the scheme of superhero movies, Warner Bros. Entertainment had a ‘low budget’ for the film, with it apparently having cost $185million.

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Although this may seem high, it’s not when compared to others in the industry, such as Justice League, which had a budget of around $300million.

Another reason Pattinson’s salary may have been $3million is that he isn’t deemed an A-lister – at least in the eyes of those in Hollywood.

Despite starring in major franchises, the British star stepped out of the limelight for a couple of years and worked on several indie movies, in order to brush up his credibility and acting skills.

For those in the casting world, this essentially means he doesn’t guarantee the big bucks.

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