‘The Umbrella Academy’s’ Robert Sheehan Says He ‘Prefers Wearing Women’s Clothing’

Robert Sheehan
Credit: Alamy

The Umbrella Academy’s Robert Sheehan has said he ‘prefers wearing women’s clothing’.

The Irish actor, who stars in the hit Netflix series as pansexual Klaus Hargreeves, told Attitude in 2020 that he believes it’s the ‘great secret of retail’.

He explained: “I really prefer how ladies’ clothes look on me, to be honest. It’s the great secret of retail: guys, get out there and go to the ladies’ side of things.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Sheehan addressed the feedback he received from The Umbrella Academy viewers when it came to his character having a gay relationship.

He told the publication: “At the [comic] cons, you get a lot of younger people who identify in the LGBTQ bracket. Lovely, young, queer people coming up and saying lovely, meaningful things. People who are at the formative part of their lives. That’s very nice.”

The Netflix series has often been praised for its inclusive storytelling. In particular, it’s received positive feedback for how its incorporated actor Elliot Page’s transition.

After the star came out as transgender in 2020, the show’s writers incorporated this change into the show’s character.

Page recently appeared on Good Morning America and said that it was an ‘incredible experience’ being involved.

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He said: “Yeah, it was such an incredible experience with Steve Blackman, our amazing showrunner and incredible writer Thomas Page McBee.

“I’m really proud of what we came up with.”

Discussing the feedback, he continued: “So far it seems really positive, which makes me feel happy in terms of representation and hopefully it means something to people.”

Page also appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and said his life has ‘improved drastically,’ adding: “I think of the times in my life where I was the most uncomfortable, where I was the most unwell.

“Those were the times where I was the most angry. And I was the most unkind to myself or self-righteous or all of those things. It’s improved my life drastically.”

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