Romesh Ranganathan Has Woman ‘Escorted From Show’ After ‘Vile Racist Attack’

Credit: @romeshranga/Instagram

Romesh Ranganathan reportedly had a woman ‘escorted from his show’ after she allegedly launched a ‘racist attack’ against him. 

The comedian was performing at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on January 6 when security was apparently forced to interfere with the heckler.

Apparently, she began chanting ‘Hip hop coconut,’ which is a term that implies a person has ‘betrayed’ their race or culture.

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Romesh Ranganathan
Romesh Ranganathan reportedly had a woman ‘escorted from his Cynics Mixtape Tour show’ after she allegedly launched a ‘racist attack’ against him. Credit: @romeshranga/Instagram

According to The Sun, before the woman was ‘escorted away,’ Ranganathan interjected her rant and said: “Mate, listen, I’m getting distracted. You’re going to have to shut the f*** up.

“What’s going on?”

It’s believed that before she was ‘removed,’ others in the audience began to boo at her and yell: “Get out!”

After the woman had left, Ranganathan addressed the audience, commenting: “Do you know something? Can I tell you something – honestly, I’ve got really mixed feelings about that, because I was finding that very distracting.

“So I apologise for that, and so I’m glad that’s been dealt with.”

Jokingly, he added: “But also I’m slightly sad that’s the most excited you’ve sounded all evening!

“That’s the biggest response anything tonight has got – buzzing your t**s off that some women has got ejected.”

The incident happened to take place on Ranganathan’s first night performing his Cynics Mixtape Tour, which was meant to take place in 2019. However, it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, the funnyman has stated that he will continue to discuss racism within his shows, whether some fans like it or not.

He reportedly said: “I’ll stop talking about racism when I stop experiencing racism.”

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