‘Rules Of The Game’ Leaves Viewers ‘Sobbing’ Over ‘Traumatic’ Death Scene

Rules of the Game viewers have been left 'sobbing' over a 'traumatic' death scene featured in the programme. 
Credit: BBC

Rules of the Game viewers have been left ‘sobbing’ over a ‘traumatic’ death scene featured in the programme. 

*Note: This article contains spoilers* 

The BBC series, which stars Maxine Peake, moved viewers to tears over the death of a sphynx cat called Audrey. 

It follows Peake’s character, Sam, as she starts a new job, and arrives to find a dead body in the reception of a family business. 

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The official synopsis reads: “It’s not personal, it’s just business, right? Under a company’s shiny happy surface, a new recruit cracks open the doors of a hidden scandal.”

Audrey’s owner is Maya, a new HR officer at the firm, who has already begun investigating misconduct in the business.

The cat goes missing in the first episode and is then returned. However, she escapes again and is eventually brought back by a neighbour in a blanket as she has been run over. 

Before learning of Audrey’s fate, viewers were anxious for her to return and even took to Twitter.  One said: “If anything happens to Audrey I’m writing to Ofcom.”

A second commented: “Is Audrey the cat okay? I’ve been worrying about her since yesterday.”

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Rules of the Game viewers have been left 'sobbing' at the 'traumatic' death scene in the programme. 
Rules of the Games viewers were left devastated over the death of Audrey the cat. Credit: BBC

After realising the cat was dead, they aired their sadness on social media.

One person tweeted: “Audrey was the best actor. She was so good even Twitter didn’t notice she had massive balls.”

Another said: “Audrey was ASSASSINATED.”

A third commented: “Bloody hell NOOOO AUDREY, the only decent character in Rules of the Game

Taking a more serious approach, another viewer complained: “Why does every TV drama include violence against animals?

“Audrey the cat got run over in Rules of the Game. The violent stabbing of the dog in The Tourist to name but a few. It is always unnecessary and makes watching very unpleasant.”

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