Runner Comes Last As Manhood ‘Falls Out’ Mid-Race

Alberto Nonino Race: A runner had a moment to forget as he came last in a 400m sprint after his manhood ‘popped out’ mid-race.
Credit: @WorldAthletics/Twitter

A runner had a moment to forget as he came last in a 400m sprint after his manhood ‘popped out’ mid-race.

Alberto Nonino, from Italy, was taking part in a gruelling decathlon as part of the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships in Colombia when eagle-eyed viewers noticed him repeatedly ‘tucking in’ at the groin area.

A journalist covering the event, David Sanchez de Castro, tweeted: “Perhaps I’ve explained myself poorly. 

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“His p**is escaped out of the side of his shorts and he had to hold it because it wasn’t allowing him to run properly which is normal when your dongle is swinging from side to side.”

Nonino had actually started the race well in the middle lane and was a front-runner, but several desperate attempts to return his manhood beneath the cover of his shorts failed, slowed him down and he eventually finished last with a time of 51.57 seconds.

Although not the result the athlete had hoped for pre-race, he is choosing to look on the bright side, noting a ‘rumpus’ had started on social media and in the press.

He said on an Instagram story: “I just want to talk to you a little bit about the rumpus there’s been on blogs and social media in general.

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“I’m conscious it was obviously an accident and I’d like to tell you I’m aware of the reaction and you don’t need to send me the links to the blogs out there.

“I’m trying to laugh about it now but immediately afterwards I felt terrible and I’m thankful to my friends and family for helping me get over what happened a few hours later.”

18-year-old Nonino said he feels fortunate that he is a ‘resilient’ kind of person, as such headlines could have had a badly detrimental effect on others.

According to the Daily Star, he said: “The journalistic world worries about cases of bullying throughout Italy and around the world and then publishes these articles that for a more sensitive person could have done a lot of harm.”

A decathlon is a two-day event requiring competitors to complete 10 different athletics events including a 100-metre sprint, long jump, shot-put, high jump, 400-metre run, 110-metre hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, and 1,500 metres run.

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