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Russia’s Starbucks Replacement Chain Goes Viral

Russia Starbucks: The country's replacement chain has gone viral on social media.
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Russia’s Starbucks replacement chain has gone viral on social media. 

Restaurateur Anton Pinskiy and rapper Timati unveiled Stars Coffee on August 18 and it shares many similarities with the Western coffee shop.

As the pair cannot use Starbucks’ logo, they’ve opted for a circular-shaped logo which features a person of the ‘female gender’. Timati reportedly said this contrasts well with the brown ‘masculine colour’ of the trademark.

See Russia’s Starbucks replacement in the clip below…

Addressing the reaction to Stars Coffee, Pinskiy is believed to have said: “People’s perceptions may be different.

“But if you compare, then apart from the circle, you won’t find anything in common.”

When starting the chain, the entrepreneurial pair was forced to tackle the issue of resource and production base – as Starbucks had its own.

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Referencing this, Pinkskiy said: “We just found other suppliers, found the right roasters, and because the baristas mixed it all correctly, we have a product that we think will be competitive.”

Apparently, Stars Coffee will import its beans from Latin America and Africa, with any other suppliers being from Russia.

After images of the new coffee shop have circulated online, many people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

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“They really lack creativity eh,” one remarked.

A second mused: “Seems western ‘sanctions’ are helping more for Russia more than harming lol.”

“Waiting for McRonald’s!” a third joked.

Someone else said: “This is hilarious! Russians flocking to their knock-off places trying to convince themselves they’re eating or drinking the real deal.

“Kind of like folks walking around with obviously fake designer bags!”

A fifth wrote: “This is cheap and embarrassing for a country that wants to be a world power.”

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