Sainsbury’s ‘Sexist’ Girls’ T-Shirt Called Out By Shoppers

Sainsbury's 'sexist' girls' T-shirt has been called out by shoppers for its 'old-fashioned' message. 
Credit: Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s ‘sexist’ girls’ T-shirt has been called out by shoppers. 

Parents have taken to Mumsnet and blasted the supermarket for selling a top that reads ‘Let’s Stay Home,’ as they’ve argued it reinforces gender stereotypes.

On the forum, one person penned: “‘Let’s Stay Home’. Because the world belongs to men, who face no limits to where they go and what they can do. They’re unstoppable.

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Sainsbury’s ‘sexist’ girls’ T-shirt has been called out by shoppers on Mumsnet. Credit: Sainsbury’s

“But hey, smile and be happy with your small domestic existence, girls.”

After seeing the post, many people took to the comments and said they agreed that the item was ‘conditioning’ children into particular roles.

One Mumsnet member wrote: “Retailers choosing to sell this s*** is not nearly as depressing as people choosing to buy it for their children. And yet they do.”

Another added: “I honestly can’t believe that no one in the meeting where this season’s collection was signed off flagged up that this might need looking at again.

“Who designs these things? Who approves them? I’d actually really like to know.”

“I agree the messaging is really terrible, as are the clothes themselves but anyway. Conditioning does start from pretty much the womb,” a third said.

“That’s fucking depressing,” a fourth commented. “Retailers are not mere passive suppliers, they have huge power to drive and influence society in order to create the mindset where people buy this sexist shit.

“And they choose to use that power to prop up the patriarchy.”

Following the backlash, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson has commented that the items aren’t labelled ‘girl’ or ‘boy’.

The representative told the Mirror: “Our kids’ range includes a wide range of designs which everyone can enjoy and we do not label our items ‘boys’ or ‘girls’.”

However, the supermarket’s website does allow customers to filter their search and select only one gender when shopping.

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