Scientists Predict Maximum Age Humans Can Live

Credit: Pexels

Scientists have predicted the maximum age that humans can live up to, after examining DNA and medical data. 

Biology and biophysic experts have developed an app, called GeroSense, that will estimate a user’s lifespan when they input their lifestyle factors. 

The data gathered, which includes statistics from around 4,500 adults, shows that the longest humans will most likely be able to live up to is 150 years. This is double the current UK average lifespan, which is 81 years old. 

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Scientists believe they’ve found the maximum age humans can live up to. Credit: Pexel

Discussing the results, the study’s author, Dr Tim Pyrkobv, said: “Calculation of resilience based on physical activity data streams has been implemented in the GeroSense iPhone app.

‘It shows a complete loss of human body resilience, that is the ability to recover, at some age around 120 to 150 years old.”

GeroSense co-founder Dr Peter Fedichev added: “Ageing in humans exhibits universal features common to complex systems operating on the brink of disintegration.

“This work is a demonstration of how concepts borrowed from physical sciences can be used in biology to probe different aspects of senescence and frailty to produce strong interventions against ageing.”

Over time, the average age span has increased due to clean water, better nutrition, improved sanitation, and advances in medical science. 

So to increase the average lifespan further, experts believe, genetic mutation, calorie restrictions, and drugs may be used. 

Dr Pyrkobv commented: “As we age, more and more time is required to recover after a perturbation, and on average we spend less and less time close to the optimal physiological state.”

For many researchers, these results will be disappointing, as some have argued that humans will be able to live up to 1000 years old.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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